Frameless glass doors
In the good old days” everyone remembers their grandparents and parents saying that! Well in some circumstances and situations in life that saying could not be more justified, however, within the entrance way and door specialists industry it is certainly not the case at all. The introduction of new technology has seen the expansion of automatic doors, automatic swing and sliding doors and now the revolutionary frameless glass doors. All of these doors can be seen in any shopping malls supermarkets, airports and hotels across the United Kingdom and it is rare indeed nowadays to witness an old manual door.
There are many reasons why the old traditional doors are being replaced with brand new doors that are either the automatic variety or the new frameless glass doors that are sweeping the current market place.


There is always the chance of catching your fingers in the old style doors and them being extremely difficult to open especially for the older generation and people facing a disability. With new doors including the popular automatic frameless glass doors safety is no longer an issue. As the doors work on sensors, they are triggered when an individual approaches them and close directly afterwards so body parts cannot be trapped inside and there is no reason to actually touch the doors.
Frameless Glass Doors


Frameless glass doors particularly the automatic varieties are in a class of their own when it comes to security and safety. As clients, visitors and employees can all see clearly what is happening both inside and outside the business premises security and safety measures are automatically increased. Unwelcome visitors are easily identified and everyone is able to react far quicker in an emergency situation due to the clear visibility.


As we all know human nature is such that we cannot walk past an open door or a window without first peeking inside it or casually browsing or indeed full blown window shopping. With frameless glass doors you have a completely free additional marketing tool. Not only do you have your window to display to your merchandise or services but with the frameless glass door you are almost show casing your entire premises. Individuals will not only be enticed in by the classy modern look frameless glass doors but will get a feeling of confidence about your business. The exterior of any business is the first thing people see and there is only one way in THE DOOR! A modern sophisticated look will deliver a pleasant and trusting image to your clients of the services or product you are promoting. Another advantage of a frameless glass door is that when you are closed people will still be able to view your product and service range so may well return when your business is open and possibly make an appointment or purchase. Without doubt increased footfall means increased sales and increased profit.


From glass is the obvious answer! Following the design stage which you need to be heavily involved in to ensure that your individual needs are met and discussions have taken place over customised fittings to matched to your businesses concept and style the manufacturing process will begin.
Your customised frameless glass doors will be manufactured to the highest possible standard and by using quality materials including toughened glass ensure that they are fit for purpose and can withstand heavy daily use and adverse weather conditions. The precise measurements and requirements of the customer are met by skilled fabricators who produce the frameless glass doors with care. All building and safety standards are satisfied during the manufacturing process.


Choosing the right company to supply and install your new frameless glass door is of course all important and from your initial phone call or enquiry ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd will be more than ready and able to assist. ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd has years of experience in this area. From the planning and design stages through to the manufacturing process that is made by skilled fabricators. Installations are then made by our highly trained and certified engineers. All our clients are assured of a customer friendly professional service with attention to customer service and detail.


Your frameless glass doors will last you well into the future, it is advisable however, as with any similar product of this nature which the general public will use to ensure that safety checks are carried out. ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd offer a twice yearly maintenance contract to test and service all equipment and parts giving you complete peace of mind.