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Years ago it was the norm for delivery drivers to have to use the back doors of a business due to the inconvenience of delivering into the front of buildings with manually operated doors. These days this would be a rare occurrence as many businesses today have automatic doors installed at their business premises and with very good reason. The beauty of automatic doors is that they open up when an individual approaches and they close once the individual has passed safely through. This of course is not the only benefit of having automatic doors installed at your business premises; there are huge rewards for your customers as well.


By installing automatic doors at your property you will instantly solve all access issues and furthermore become DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) compliant. This act is now known as The Equalities Act and it demands that straightforward and comfortable access into buildings is available for everyone. However, it is not just the elderly and disabled population groups that will benefit from doors that open up automatically for them but also parents pushing young children in push chairs and business people trying to transport their laptops, files and office equipment into work. Yet another category of people who will enjoy the rewards of an automatic door are everyday shoppers purchasing groceries from the local store or supermarkets. Of course these days due to the increase in mobility scooters and mobility aides there are many more individuals who are able to get out and about so it makes good business sense to provide them with the means of entering your business premises.


It is of course important that the external view of your business premises shows a true representation of your business and it is therefore vital that your property is well maintained. An automatic door will transform your business premises creating a modern and stylish visual. As potential customers view your business premises as they pass by, the external appearance of the property is the first thing they see and this will leave a lasting impression. A property that appears run down will not entice customers inside.


The beauty of an automatic door is that it can help assist with pedestrian traffic flow in and out of the building even at key times of the day. Individuals can pass through the entrance/exit ways quickly and safely. Sliding doors are generally installed in larger, busier buildings which include supermarkets, airports, schools leisure centres and hotels. In smaller premises or locations where the daily footfall is not as intense, a perfect entrance solution would be an automatic swing door. Many smaller business premises including doctor’s surgeries, post offices and high street shops are already enjoying the many rewards that an automatic door can bring.


The operational costs of any business are always a headache for business owners who are constantly looking for ways to reduce them. An automatic door however will assist in reducing overheads in several ways. Expensive heat will not be allowed to escape outside into the street as an automatic door cannot be left or indeed propped open. The old style manual doors frequently get left open by employees and customers alike, which will cause heating bills to soar. Of course electricity costs will be decreased too as air conditioning units don’t have to work so hard to achieve a pleasant environment.


One of the many frustrations that individuals feel in a working environment is doors being left open or even worse banging! Employees are distracted from their work and may become irritated. Noise and dust pollution can in addition be annoying. The beauty of automatic doors is that theses irritants are removed as the doors are kept closed. An automatic door is not only easy to clean but will also promote your business as greener as the carbon footprint of your business is reduced.

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Before you go ahead and purchase an automatic door it is recommended that you seek professional advice. ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd is an automatic door and shop front company specialising in this field. Our sales and design team will assist you from the very early stages and your quality automatic doors will be manufactured by skilled fabricators. Highly qualified door technicians will install your new automatic doors with care and precision and with the least disruption to your business. Please call ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd on 01275 871787 for assistance.