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Nowadays, new builds tend to incorporate automatic doors into their structures as architects now understand just how beneficial they are, not just for the companies and businesses that will inhabit the buildings but perhaps more importantly for the users. In the old days a door was a manually operated swing door that people had to either turn a knob or press down a handle, hopefully the door would then open, however, many of these old timber doors are heavy and far to awkward for the elderly, children and certainly the disabled population groups to manage. Individuals making their way into work carrying their belongings and parents with children in pushchairs will all struggle to open up manual doors with their hands full.

Easy Talk!

All customer facing businesses should be DDA compliant these days. DDA stands for the Disability Discrimination Act or more recently the Equalities Act. Access into all buildings should be straightforward for everyone and this can be achieved by the use of ramps, elevators or of courses the most effective access tool – automatic doors. Dependent on the size and nature of the individual business, some businesses will use automatic door operators.

ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd supply and install automatic swing doors and automatic sliding doors to a whole host of businesses across the length and breadth of Great Britain. Our popular and competitively priced ERREKA range of automatic door operators is a quality product which is both strong and reliable. The ERREKA range of operators is widely used and can be used as an alternative to automatic doors. Working in the same way as automatic doors, the operators provide easy and straightforward access for everyone and will provide your business with DDA compliance.

Technical Talk!

Combining elegant design with cutting edge technology, the ERREKA range of Automatic Swing Doors & Automatic Sliding Doors set the standard when it comes to state of the art automatic doors systems. We are constantly seeking to refine and improve, offering our customers the very best automatic doors, accessories and service. All of our automatic door openers are finished in silver anodize with the option of powder painting if required.

ERREKA Automatic Swing Doors have several applications, particularly as private or public access points for the disabled population group. Ideal for premises with heavy traffic and limited space, automated door systems also deliver excellent customer service and high energy efficiency, with a large range of accessories geared to user safety.

ERREKA Automatic Swing Door Openers have a wide range of functions that allow them to be adapted to suit any type of equipment including fully automatic, push and go, push pads and access control. They are equipped with features such as a wheelchair courtesy function or an automatic opening and closing power increase (in case of high winds). It also includes the possibility of increasing the opening hold time in heavy traffic situations, or simply disabling the automatic operation.

Our ERREKA Ertain Automatic Sliding Door Openers and Telescopic Openers can be adapted to the needs of each installation. Every installation is unique and here at ERREKA we ensure that a tailor made design is delivered on time, every time. The ERREKA Ertain Commercial Sliding Doors are prepared for heavy traffic, both in large (supermarkets, hotels, airports, hospitals) and in small and medium buildings (offices, chemists, post offices, banks, restaurants) The most important features of our sliding door systems are their silent movement when opening and closing, plus dynamic stability with quick and easy installation.

Money Talk!

Additional benefits from automatic doors include cost savings and presentation. From the moment new automatic doors are installed the building premises will look modern, classy and stylish. A company will of course be delivering fantastic customer service and creating a great first impression. Yet another advantage of having automatic doors installed is that they will significantly reduce energy costs within a business. As the automatic doors cannot be left ajar, or even propped open, valuable heat is retained within the building and a constant temperature is easily maintained.

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