Automatic Door!  BUY BUY BUY!

When you are out shopping, visiting places of interest or going to an appointment at the medical centre you will very often come across an automatic door. You may not at the time give it a second thought but as a business owner you certainly should! The key to success in any business is of course lots and lots of clients. An increased footfall is the solution to being profitable in your business. This will give you the opportunity for securing more sales, improving profits and assisting with the overall success of your business.
Competition is at its highest these days and therefore every avenue needs to be explored to ensure that your business is noticed, stands out from the rest and of course is the best. One sure way of expanding your customer base will be to install an automatic door.
An automatic door is not only functional; it is stylish modern, and contemporary which means it will transform the exterior of your property. An individual’s first impression of your business is of course very important particularly when you are trying in earnest to attract many more of them. The exterior of your premises should be eye catching, sleek and up to date in order to attract new custom. No one will want to conduct any kind of business with a company whose business premises are shabby and in a state of poor repair.

Automatic Doors


Easy and straight forward access is the key for attracting potential customers and automatic doors enable you to attract people inside. The general public view manual doors as a nuisance and often experience difficulty in using them. For the disabled and elderly population groups an automatic door is an absolute god send. Since the introduction of the DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) it is necessary to provide access for disabled people by means of ramps, elevators, and automatic doors especially in the retail and hospitality industry which are the businesses the law intended to make most accessible for these groups of people. Of course young families with prams and everyday shoppers will welcome an automatic door as they can exit the premises whilst holding groceries, purchases, or indeed their own personal belongings. An automatic door is particularly useful in the office environment where business people are struggling to carry their lap tops, files and bags. Another frustrating factor of manual doors in offices is that they are distracting for employees as they are often being knocked on or indeed left open.


Businesses want as many clients at a time as they possibly can and a significant feature of an automatic door is that they manage the pedestrian traffic flow in and around your premises. Manual doors cause overcrowding in the entrance ways and obvious frustrations arise because of this, especially during peak times of the day and very busy intervals. An automatic door however, makes it possible for your potential customers to move quickly but safely through the doorways .In these busy times individuals do not want to waste time waiting for other people to pass through the doorways.


Once an automatic door is installed at your business you will notice a significant reduction in your overheads. Manual doors are often inadvertently left open or ajar even propped open deliberately by employees, this allows precious heat to escape from your premises out into the street but an automatic door will only open when necessary. This will allow you to use far less heat and claw back a certain amount of costs on energy expenditures. Of course by using less energy you are reducing the amount of the carbon footprint your business has on the environment.


Once you have made the all important decision to have an automatic door installed at your premises you will be astonished at your customer response to it. It will improve both safety and security and your business can boast a high level of customer care.
Ensure that you choose a professional company to look after your new purchase. ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd can assist you throughout the whole process starting with the design and style that is best suited to your individual needs. Your automatic door will be manufactured by skilled fabricators who handle your product with the upmost care. The installation of the automatic door will be carried out to the highest possible standard. Your new automatic door will be the talk of the town!