Thinking Of Installing An Automatic Door Closer

An automatic door closer will provide your business with huge benefits so it is important that all businesses understand just how important the exterior of their premises appear to the general public and how bigger a part they play in achieving success. The external of any business premises should be modern and stylish in order for business owners to gain financial rewards. To achieve success, a business must consider the external of its premises just as much as the inside of them. For these reasons an automatic door closer are without doubt a sound financial investment for almost any business which has a shop front.
The potential customers feel welcome as the door will open up automatically for them almost inviting them inside. They deliver a professional appearance whilst being cost affective. As the automatic door closer opens and closes behind every individual there is no fear of the doors being left open, due to this businesses will experience a decrease in utility bills. Warmth is retained inside the premises and cold air is kept outside. An added advantage is that the doors are no longer able to be wedged open by employees and again this assists in a reduction in costs.
Automatic Door Closer

Hygeine Benefits With An Automatic Door Closer

In these modern day times many individuals are becoming concerned with hygiene standards as well as the spread of bacteria, and as our hands carry much more bacteria than any other parts of the body. Germaphobics do not enjoy having to open their own doors never mind doors into buildings and establishments used by the general public. Because of this fear of germs and increasing numbers of people suffering with OCD they are not willing to step into any organization still using traditional manual doors. By providing an automatic door closer you will undoubtedly gain more new customers from this population group in addition to other individuals.
Pedestrian traffic in and out of your business premises is the key to identifying which type of automatic door will be are best suited to your business requirements. If your business deals with heavy traffic on a daily basis you will probably choose a sliding door. For those companies experiencing much less traffic, then there are automatic swing doors available which may be a more sensible choice. Both these types of doors necessitate specific automatic door closers. These closers need to be manufactured to a high standard to ensure their quality. To understand the differences between automatic door closers and to assist you in your selection the most recognized are detailed below.
Sliding Automatic Door Closer

What Type Of Premises Install An Automatic Door Closer

Airports, hotels, and larger shops generally host a sliding automatic door closer but they are now increasingly popular in various other businesses including service providers, hospitals, and schools. The overall look of these premises will be enhanced and appear welcoming and attractive once a sliding automatic door closer is installed. The operations of the automatic door closer are of a silent mode and open quickly. Although most door closers should be straight forward to install by qualified electricians, the companies you choose to buy the product from should also provide an installation service which in turn will give you peace of mind that your automatic door closer has been installed by skilled technicians from a registered company. Most companies will in addition offer their customers a maintenance and service contract with twice yearly visits to ensure that the automatic door closer is working correctly at all times.

Swinging Automatic Door Closer

Businesses including restaurants, offices and high street shops that do not experience such high volumes of pedestrian traffic tend to opt for swinging doors at their premises. These doors come with a push-or -pull arms that can be mounted either on the inside or outside of the door. The ERREKA range of automatic door closers are high quality products used across locations throughout the UK. The ERREKA 120 automatic door closer can be used for indoor use as well as entrance doors. The ERREKA 250 door operators are generally used for all exterior doors and are the perfect choice for premises that disabled and elderly people frequent on a daily basis.
Automatic door closer components consist of a programmer, and back-up battery. One of the benefits of a swing automatic door is that the door can be used manually by disabling the system. Individuals may sometimes have concerns over power cuts and how the doors would open so it is refreshing to understand that it can be operated manually.