It is common indeed to witness automatic doors in many buildings these days and they really have taken the shop front and entranceway industry by storm. Of course we see automatic doors in the retail industry they are in shopping malls, supermarkets, in the high street and even old Joe’s corner shop! Nowadays though you will be surprised at just how many other businesses have automatic doors installed and they are becoming increasingly popular with service providers. Universities, medical centres and of course hospitals who all enjoy the daily benefits of automatic doors.


In our daily lives we frequent supermarkets, take our children to school and unfortunately on many occasions visit the doctor’s surgery or indeed hospitals. These trips can be made even more uncomfortable when faced with old manual doors especially if we have young children in push chairs, arms full of shopping or if we suffer from any kind of physical disability. Bu installing automatic doors you are making access to all these premises easier for everyone as they do not have to wrestle to open and close a manual door.
Automatic Doors


All businesses have tight budget constraints but the National Health Service is under a lot more pressure than most to adhere to operational spend. Automatic doors can save money in several ways. Overheads including heating bills will dramatically reduce as a result of installing automatic doors at your business premises, the doors are closed except when in use and therefore it reduces the amount of heat lost from the premises, less heat is used to keep the premises warm. Manual doors however are very often left open by clients, patients and even employees  so  precious heat is escaping outside costing £££££££!


Queues and overcrowding in the entrance ways are one of the most annoying factors of any trip to the shops, schools or medical establishments and these places are of course extremely busy with constant bustle and heavy pedestrian traffic throughout the day. At peak times this situation can be even worse and congestion in the doorways will spark frustrations which in health care environments especially, where patients are already feeling it unwell, they do not want additional stress. This is where automatic doors come into their own as entrance ways internal doors open up for patients and visitors carrying their cases and of course for medical teams pushing patients around. Children will not be squashed together trying to be the first out of class!


The beauty of automatic doors is that they are incredibly safe. In the past individuals may have had concerns over automatic doors shutting on them rather like the myth of getting stuck in a lift! This scenario will not happen, as long as a professional company supply and install the doors. ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd have years of experie4nce in this industry with skilled and certified engineers who are all BS EN 16005 qualified and are members of Safe Contractor Association. As the doors work on sensors they will open up as an individual approaches and close directly behind them, children will not get tiny fingers trapped inside or risk doors banging into them, often the case with the old style heavy manual doors of the past.


Coupled with avoiding accidents there is the added advantage of increased hygiene levels and cleanliness, again in medical centres and schools where health and hygiene levels are frequently monitored automatic doors are the perfect solution. As the automatic doors are manufactured from glass the doors are very easy be kept clean. Glass is resilient to allergens so the spread of bacteria on hands which are the biggest carrier of germs is decreased because there is no need to touch the doors at all. It is not just service providers who will need to be aware of keeping their property clean and in particular the exterior, but businesses globally will appear professional and deliver confidence to clients if their business premises are clean and tidy. Automatic doors immediately transform a property bringing it line with modern day times.


The automatic doors have a long life span and due to their durability they can cope with extreme weather conditions and continual pedestrian use on a daily basis. It is advisable to take after care service contracts with the company who installs the doors, ADSF UK provide a twice yearly maintenance contract to ensure that all parts are working correctly and are above all safe backed up with excellent customer care.