Frameless Glass Doors And Shopfronts ‘Supply Only’ We Do That!

The Premis Frameless Glass product range supplied by ADSF UK LTD has been incorporated to provide a one stop shop for all the ironmongery requirements for frameless toughened glass applications.
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ADSF UK LTD has been operating for well over ten years and holds the exclusive United Kingdom distribution rights for the Premis range originating from Spain. Premis have been manufacturing glass fittings for eleven years. The well known Premis brand is the market leader in Spain, exporting this high quality product to Asia, New Zealand, the Middle East and the Seychelles.
Premis have been manufacturing and designing their range with technology and innovation behind the launch of new products. Premis maintain the very highest quality to constantly ensure they hold a truly competitive edge in the market place.
Large scale stocks are stored in Spain to supplement our stock levels in the United Kingdom; this means we can achieve minimum lead times. The range includes Patch fittings, Door rails, Door handles and knobs along with Locks and latches.


Patch fittings are used to help support Frameless glass doors and shop fronts.
Frameless Glass Bottom Patches include ball bearing Insert & Floor Pivot.
Frameless Glass Top Patches include Square Insert and are perfect for overhead concealed door closers.
Glass notches are required for use in conjunction with patch fittings for either right hand or left hand side frameless glass doors.


To estimate the glass panel weight there is a basic formula to assist you in your calculation.
WIDTH (m) x HEIGHT (m) x 2.5 factor x glass thickness (mm) = Y kgs
Therefore, for a glass panel of 12mm thickness, 1.0 width and 2.7m height, the glass panel weight will be;
1.0x 2.7 x 2.5 x 12 = 81 kgs. Fittings are designed to carry maximum weight up to 120kg but for door width exceeding 1100mm, it is practical to use door rails.


Door rails are made up of 2 – piece extruded aluminium clamping system that is tightened with cap screws at 100mm centre to centre. This system is suitable for the installation of extreme heavy duty wide doors. There are two heights of 80mm and 100mm to choose from and in lengths based on your requirement.
With its clamping efficiency carefully considered, door rails do not require any glass preparation and can be supplied for various glass thicknesses including 10/12/15/19/21mm. In addition, you have a choice of both aluminium snap on and stainless steel rail covers in various finishes.
Door rails are also available with security locking devices with Euro-Profile Key Cylinders or Thumb-Turn Cylinders that can be installed in either or both top and bottom rails. To complete the aesthetic facade of glass panels, door rails can also be used for fixed glass panels.
Frameless Glass Door rails do not require any rail preparation and are provided with pivots to suit floor springs and standard top centres at 70mm pivot point. Other pivot points are available on request.
The Premis TBRWL IS TOP AND BOTTOM RAIL WITH LOCK, they are perfect for glass thickness 10/12mm with a rail length 1000mm as standard.
The Premis TBRNL IS TOP AND BOTTOM RAIL NO LOCK which has the same specifications as the TBRWL door rail.
Rail accessories include rails for transom closers and rails for sliding doors.
All of these Frameless Glass products from the Premis range and the many other products that ADSF UK LTD provides are fully explained with some products illustrated on our comprehensive website.
ADSF UK LTD stock their Premis range of Frameless Glass products at their main factory where the majority of the manufacturing of the frameless glass doors and  shop fronts takes place. All of the cutting of door rails to the required sizes is carried out at this location near Bristol. The stock is distributed from the Bristol factory at a convenient time for our clients.
ADSF UK LTD has an online shop which accepts major credit and debit cards which allows our customers to purchase their products in a safe and secure fashion. The ordering process is straight forward and any queries can be answered by calling our knowledgeable and friendly sales team who will be happy to assist you.
Orders from the Premis Frameless Glass range that are placed with ADSF UK LTD prior to pm will be dispatched for next day delivery if required by the customer.
ADSDF UK LTD pride themselves on offering a reliable service supplying quality Premis Frameless Glass products which are not just competitively priced but in addition extremely durable and able to with stand the adverse weather conditions.