Automatic Doors!

The manner in which individuals enter and depart your business premises forms their first and lasting impression of your business, whether it is a retail store, company or a hotel to name but a few. This is exactly why your choice of entrance ways is so important and will have a direct impact on you achieving business success. If you are considering replacing the entrance to your property you may well find that automatic doors have numerous advantages for your business.

To succeed in business is a rare commodity these days, and in order to achieve this you must have a strong customer base and be continually attracting new customers. The exterior of your business premises must be of smart appearance or potential customers will undoubtedly choose to go elsewhere. By choosing this design of door for your business premises is that they will allow you to enhance the appearance of the exterior of your premises and all this delivers a great first impression to potential customers. The state-of-the-art, innovative and stylish design of the doors encourages customers into your premises by creating the impression that you are a modern business who they prefer to give their custom. This tends to help to increase footfall, improve profits and result in greater business growth Automatic doors will enhance your business premises and customers past and present will be pleasantly surprised at how classy and modern your business appears.
Automatic Doors
Once you have captured the general public’s interest by delivering a great first impression you need to be certain that individuals can actually enter into your business premises, therefore, straight forward and comfortable access is essential. Accessibility issues will of course diminish once automatic doors are installed and all population groups will welcome the new doors for many different reasons.
Everyday shoppers may have several bags to try and hold on to and trying to wrestle with an old manual door will prove difficult. Guests transporting luggage into hotels and air ports will in addition become agitated if greeted with manual doors. Of course it is not just theses population groups who will welcome automatic doors, the frail and elderly and parents with youngsters in tow will also enjoy the benefits that automatic doors bring. Business people carrying laptops and files will not want to stop, put some belongings down in order to open up a traditional door. It goes without saying that automatic doors make everyone’s lives far easier and this is especially true for the disabled and people using mobility aides and wheel chairs.
One of the beauties of automatic doors is that they manage pedestrian traffic flow in and around the building ensuring that there is an even flow of traffic throughout the day and that congestion in the entranceways is avoided, even at peak times of the day. Businesses premises including offices and call centres where footfall is high require many employees to work the same shifts so it is very important that employees are not held up on their way to state their individual shifts. There is nothing more frustrating than a huddle of people all pushing to manoeuvre through doorways and this is really where automatic doors come into their own.
Irrespective of whether you manage a shop an office, or a hotel, if manual doors are installed it is easy for customers and employees to leave the doors open, and that costs you money lots of money. Precious heat is then allowed to escape outside into the street. Automatic doors are only open whenever visitors want to enter or leave your premises and this also helps to reduce your heating bill. In addition to this remarkable cost saving your operational budget will not be as stretched as it was with the manual doors. Air conditioning units will not have to work as hard to maintain a constant temperature inside the property. This in turn will limit the carbon footprint of your business on the environment.
Quite apart from delivering a fantastic visual appeal, easy access and making cost savings automatic doors are strong durable and more than able to withstand our dreadful weather conditions as they are manufactured from aluminium which is a light weight, robust material that does not rust. The doors are easy to clean and require little attention.
ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd is a well established company who are experts in the automatic door entrance industry with a proven track record of high quality installations across the UK. Our sales and design teams will be more than happy to advise and support you through the entire process of replacing your doors.