Automatic Sliding Doors – When Space Is Needed

Automatic sliding doors are the newest innovation which is greatly needed in these competitive times where fierce trading is abundant throughout the United Kingdom business owners need to pull all the stops out to stay afloat and to achieve ultimate success. One of the most important factors of any business is the external appearance of the business property and one of the primary things that business owners need to consider is their doors. First impressions count and if your property looks somewhat dowdy and out of date it is unlikely that people will choose to do business with you.

Automatic Doors

Automatic doors transform the appearance of your business premises and once installed your business delivers a very different message to potential customers and folk walking by. Automatic doors are fairly common these days and can be seen in numerous buildings including airports, hotels, restaurants, high street shops, supermarkets, leisure centres and offices to name but a few. They create the perfect access solution for all population groups whilst presenting a sleek, modern and professional image.

There are several designs and styles available today and it is recommended that customers seek advice from a company who specialise in the automatic door industry. ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd are experts in the automatic and shop front entrance industry and with high level installations across the length and breadth of Great Britain our customers come back to us time and time again. Contactable on 01275 871787 our sales and design teams will happily assist you with your enquiry.

ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd is a professional and experienced company who will guide you through the selection of your automatic door entrance requirements. The most popular designs of automatic doors are either sliding automatic doors or swinging automatic doors, nevertheless, anyone working with restricted floor space should take into consideration automatic sliding doors as these do not simply provide the benefits of automatic doors for your business; they are additionally the perfect access solution for premises with restricted floor space.

As a result of selecting automatic sliding doors for your property you will experience the benefits of conserving space in the area around the door. A smaller size premises frequently discover that space is a concern, given that automatic sliding doors do not demand the space around the doors to be left clear, you have more space around the doorway. This space can be used to allow clear access to customers or to exhibit even more of your services or products. An alternative choice is by using it as advertising space and show casing current or upcoming promotions. It will of course be the very first thing customers see when they enter your premises.

Should you have only a little space at your business premises, then automatic sliding doors could possibly be the ideal entrance solution for you. You will experience all the benefits of automatic doors, while furthermore saving space around the door area. If you think you would like to proceed with purchasing automatic sliding doors ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd will assist you through every step of the way, from design and style to installation, making the process as straightforward as possible.

Of course you will discover advantages related to all types of automatic doors and the most beneficial is that automatic doors improve access. Unsatisfactory access prevents customers from entering your premises which is absurd! Automatic doors solve this issue by making your business accessible for all population groups. It is not only the disabled and elderly who struggle with the old style manual doors, customers carrying bags or pushing a trolley or pram will be delighted that the doors open up automatically for them allowing them to manoeuvre through the entrance/exits way with comfort and ease.

Yet another benefit is that automatic doors assist in the management of daily pedestrian traffic in and out of the premises. Over-crowding at key times of the day is a typical difficulty experienced by businesses, automatic doors maintain an even traffic flow in and out of your business without causing congestion and discomfort.

Trying to keep within budget is a headache for any business and owners are continuously trying to reduce overheads and automatic doors can help you sustain your costs. They decrease the heat lost from your premises by only opening and closing when a customer approaches. Unfortunately, manual doors are frequently left open by absent minded customers and employees. Not only will energy bills decrease somewhat, the unfavourable effect of your business on the natural environment is limited.