Automatic Doors For Service Providers

Who has them?  There are a great many benefits to be gained through the installation of automatic doors but many individuals think they are only advantageous for the retail sector. This is certainly not the case and many other businesses today have automatic doors installed including residential/nursing homes, health clubs, hospitals, doctors surgeries, town halls, restaurants and hotels to name but a few.

Open that door!  By their design and style, automatic doors offer more convenient and straightforward access than that provided from an old, heavy, door and service users undoubtedly favour automatic doors. Essentially, service users prefer the efficiency delivered by automatic door systems especially the elderly who may well struggle to open up a traditional door. Other population groups including the disabled and parents pushing youngsters around will of course welcome the fact that the doors open up automatically for them as they approach. Instead of having to battle with a large cumbersome door, individuals can simply walk or manoeuvre through the doors in a wheelchair or mobility scooter with ease and comfort.

Keeping safe  Yet another advantage of automatic doors is that safety is increased particularly in the education sector where all too often children will get their hands trapped inside the manual doors or even have doors bang into them. There is also the concern over congestion in the entrance ways and children all rushing to get out of school at the same time! Similar scenarios apply in residential / nursing homes and hospitals where it is imperative that the entrance / exits are free so that users can access these buildings without having to ask for assistance. Automatic doors manage pedestrian traffic flow in and out of the building even at key times of the day.

Saving ££££££!   Tight budgets are always a headache in any business and service providers are no exception and are constantly trying to find ways to reduce them. Automatic doors will only open when an individual approaches them and they cannot be left open which prevents heat escaping from the building. As a direct result, far less energy is used to maintain a comfortable temperature within the building.

Which type of automatic door?   Automatic doors are available in several designs and our sales team at ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd will happily recommend the most suitable product to meet your business needs. ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd supply and install the quality range of ERREKA automatic door operators. The ERREKA 120 Automatic Swing Operator is designed for businesses that experience light to medium traffic including high street stores and offices. The ERREKA 250 heavy duty automatic door operator is ideally suited to larger businesses with a high pedestrian traffic flow on a daily basis. The ERREKA Ertain Sliding Door range can be seen in hospitals, universities, large medical centres and leisure centres, the end choice of automatic door product is of course determined by the requirements of the service provider. Wherever space is limited then a sliding automatic door will suit the purposes and deliver a highly effective and pleasing solution. Push pads, swipe cards, touch plates and key fobs are all designed to play a role in making access controlled and easier for everyone.

The ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd range of automatic door operators are a competitively priced quality product with a cutting-edge design. Our automatic door systems are durable, long lasting and more than able to stand up to the awful weather conditions we endure in the United Kingdom. They are manufactured from aluminium which is lightweight but sturdy and alongside the toughened glass used in our automatic doors it is easy to keep clean.

Automatic doors will transform the external appearance of your building structure and will present your business as being modern, professional and forward thinking. They will in addition, enhance your premises and demonstrate a great level of customer care.