Automatic Doors – Thinking Of Replacing My Shop Doors

More and more businesses across the country are now replacing their shop doors with brand new doors, more often than not it is automatic doors that are chosen. There are numerous benefits to be gained by replacing your shop doors at your property.

Why First Impressions Count

From the offset you will discover how modern, contemporary and stylish your business property appears. The first thing a potential customer sees is the outside of your shop and it is therefore vital that their first perception is a good one! Nobody will trust a business and feel confident about their services and products if the exterior of the building appears tired and drab. Potential customers may well choose a competitor over you if this is the case with your premises. On the contrary automatic doors are inviting and can be of assistance in many ways. Automatic doors are designed to deliver easy access for everybody. Airports, hotels, shopping centres and offices have been enjoying the benefits of automatic doors for many years now.
Automatic Shop Doors

Who Would Benefit From Automatic Doors

All population groups prefer the comfort and straight forward access that automatic door systems deliver especially those individuals who may perhaps be disabled or parents wheeling babies in prams will all benefit from the many advantages that automatic doors offer. Senior citizens of course will also be in favour of doors opening automatically for them after years of trying to cope with the old heavy shop doors they have been accustomed to. Everyday shoppers and in particular weekly shoppers will indeed welcome the introduction of automatic shop doors as they will no longer have to cope with several bags of shopping whilst trying to struggle through the shop doors.
Whether or not you choose to install sliding doors or swing doors to replace your shop doors is of course individual preference, however, it is sensible at this point to discuss your requirements with a professional company who will be able to guide and assist you through the whole project. ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd have a wealth of knowledge and experience in this field. Our sales and customer care teams are happy to advise you and answer any queries that you may have. Our skilled technicians are able to both install your new shop doors to the highest quality, and in addition offer a service and maintenance contract to ensure the doors are kept in good working order.
Dependant on pedestrian traffic flow into your business, doors both sliding and swing can be set to function in various ways. Automatic sensors are the most popular and they react by sensing the individual as they approach. The  Automatic Door range offers a host of accessories and these quality products include push pads card swipes and key fobs.
Whether or not the users elect for swing or sliding doors is completely based upon the necessities of the client, nevertheless, the available space in your shop will more than likely have an influence in regards to options. In these circumstances where space is limited a sliding automatic door is generally the preferred choice.  There are of course many other advantages of replacing your shop doors with automatic doors, the main one being the financial savings that you will receive. As automatic doors only open when an individual approaches and automatically closes afterwards there is no longer the issue of expensive heating being allowed to break free from the building. Yet another benefit of automatic doors is that they are not able to be propped open so constant temperatures can be maintained within the shop. Unlike old mainly wooden shop doors the new automatic shop doors are manufactured from aluminium and glass which is fairly easy to clean. Again this demonstrates to your customers that your shop is operating to a high standard.
Safety is another area of concern these days and it is every businesses duty of care to ensure that their customers are not likely to injure themselves in any way; automatic doors will reduce this risk as individuals will not get their fingers trapped by a slamming door or doors perhaps banging into them.
Security measures are enhanced as the automatic doors are manufactured from aluminium and glass and this allows employees and customers to be able to see clearly what is happening outside. In a sudden emergency everyone will be able to react far quicker as their view is not impaired by an old solid shop door.
Your new automatic doors can be expected to give you countless years of reliable use generating grater footfall and sales.