New Doors Please!

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Have you ever wondered why so many businesses have automatic doors installed? If yes is the answer then you may not be aware of all the benefits for business owners that are associated with them. ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd is a leader in the automatic door industry and we will undoubtedly be able to create the ideal entrance solution for your individual business needs.

There are several different designs and styles of automatic doors available in the market place today and it is always recommended that you seek professional advice prior to purchase. Due considerations need to be given to location, size of the business premises, population groups and most importantly pedestrian traffic flow.


Firstly though, why replace the doors? There is many a good reason why and probably the most important is to provide easy and straightforward access for everyone who should wish to visit you. To become DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) compliant it is essential that you provide access for everyone and this is easily achieved by installing automatic doors at your business premises. Of course it makes perfect business sense to make sure your premises are accessible or you may in fact be turning away valued business!


Second to being DDA compliant, once automatic doors are installed at your business premises your property will take on a completely new look and a very stunning one too! Automatic doors create a fantastic visual and transform buildings into modern, stylish and professional buildings. There is nothing more off putting than a dreary, tired looking business premises and the old saying that first impressions count is a truism. By installing automatic doors you are not only delivering fantastic customer service but presenting a professional and forward thinking image of your company.

So now you have as smart and up to date property that is DDA compliant it is time to look at additional benefits that are associated with automatic doors.


Manually operated doors are invariably left open and this allows precious heat to escape outside and warm up the street! The most expensive overhead is heating bills and automatic doors will ensure that heat is retained within the building as they only open on approach and close directly afterwards. In turn, air conditioning units do not have to work so hard to maintain a constant temperature so cost savings on electricity are also made. Automatic doors are easy to keep clean and the glass is allergen free which makes it perfect for businesses that are involved in food stuffs as the spread of bacteria is eliminated.


As a business owner it is paramount that you take due care and attention to ensure as much as possible the safety of your employees and of course your customers. Automatic doors will add another tier of security to your business premises, as the doors are manufactured from toughened glass, employees and customers can clearly see either inside or outside the premises through the doors which enables them to react far quicker to emergency situations should they arise. Any criminal activity can be spotted and may in addition deflect would be thieves who may think twice for fear of being recognised.

Aluminium is generally used for the automatic door frames and this material is lightweight but robust, resilient to rust and corrosion making it perfect for use in the United Kingdom where we experience heavy rain and winds. It is also refreshing to know that your business will be environmentally friendly as automatic doors reduce the carbon footprint.

ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd will be happy to assist you with any queries you may have and our sales team will recommend the most suitable automatic doors for your individual business. Call us now on 01275 871787 and see how automatic doors can benefit your business too.