The quickest and easiest way of remedying an accessibility issue is to install an automatic doors which will be less costly than replacing any existing doors.  The environment in which individuals work in alongside clients conducting business has a direct impact on all business throughout the UK. If you are considering make some positive changes within offices, a good starting point is the premises themselves with focus on the entranceways and doors. The old style heavy manual doors are somewhat cumbersome and cause difficulties for employees and clients alike. The doors play an important part in the day to day activities within the office.

Automatic Doors


Many people do not understand the features and functions of automatic door closers and of course how they operate. An automatic door closer is universally referred to as an automatic door operator that may be applied for the operation of both opening and closing doors. There a few different kinds of closers available, the most popular being those for swing and sliding door. These are often bought on a supply only basis, but can of course be installed by a certified company. ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd supply and install the ERREKA range of automatic door operators including the ERREKA 120 (for door weights up to120kg) and the ERREKA 250 (for door weights up to 250kg) All of our services and products are available to be viewed via our web site – ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd has a wealth of experience and pride themselves on being automatic entrance specialists.


There are many advantages of selecting an automatic door closer to assist with accessibility at your offices for clients as well as employees. The manual doors are awkward and cause frustrations for all population groups. Individuals carrying brief cases and laptops and of course people who have a disability are among these groups of people. It is so difficult to manoeuvre through the doorway when you are carrying items and belongings or if indeed you are using a wheelchair or mobility scooters which are increasingly popular these days. Individuals using walking aides and perhaps clients with young children in tow will all face challenges when faced with a manual door. By purchasing an automatic door closer you will be providing easy access for everyone.


If your office experiences a high flow of pedestrian traffic, particularly at key times of the day, or indeed there is a constant stream of people, as is the situation in call centres and large busy establishments then you will have witnessed congestion in the doorways. Manual doors of course will allow this situation to arise which could easily have a detrimental impact on the daily operation of your company. Automatic door closers are perfect in these environments because they are able to support you in maintaining a sleek operation.


Yet another great advantage of an automatic door closer is the fact that it is able to assist in operational costs. There is nothing more frustrating than doors that are regularly left open by clients and employees, in addition to a door banging or people being cold manual doors and allows precious heat to escape outside and heat up the street. All of these issues can be easily avoided through the application of automatic door closers, the doors cannot be left open, or indeed propped open which will in turn prevent expensive heat being sacrificed from the building.

By operating with far less energy offers even more rewards to your company, protecting the environment is high on the agenda for all businesses these days and automatic doors help in this areas as by using far less heat you will be reducing the carbon footprint from your premises.

To ensure that you select the correct product to match the requirements of your business discuss what it is you would envisage with a professional company. ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd employs experts in both the manufacturing and installation of automatic doors and entrance solutions with a range of operators for supply or   both supply and fit by our highly skilled technicians. By employing the services of a qualified company you will be guaranteed a high quality installation that is secure and above all safe. Technical advice and support is available in the unlikely event that there are any issues with your automatic door closer. A service and maintainance contract offering twice yearly visits to ensure the doors are working correctly is available as part of ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd after care service.