Automatic Doors

SECURE ACCESS CONTROL.   The reception areas and counters of banks should be welcoming and the transportation of money safe. Individuals have access to the reception and bank counters of course but not into the offices behind or into the location of the bank vault! Thousands of students visit universities day in, day out, but not the principal’s office. Hundreds of individuals pass through hospital buildings on a daily basis but again not into theatres and Labourites! Strict access controls are very much needed in many establishments and businesses throughout the United Kingdom, and automatic doors will ensure that people can only enter certain buildings or part of a building they are entitled to enter.


Theme Parks, Festival and Event co coordinators along with stadium managers, theatre directors and attendants must all be able to have confidence in the reliability of automatic doors regardless of crowd size. Theatres, schools, universities, sports stadiums, museums, art galleries, cinemas, banks, hotels, and post offices experience thousands people per day entering and leaving their premises and an automatic door purchased and installed by skilled engineers employed by ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd  opens welcomingly, quickly and above all safely.
Automatic Door


An automatic door gives individuals safety and security. In the health-care industry automatic doors are not an option but a necessity for freedom of movement and of course for maintaining hygiene levels within the premises. As the doors are manufactured from glass not only are they very easy to keep clean but glass is resilient to allergens so the spread of bacteria is eliminated. Everyday more and more G P surgeries and medical centres alike are replacing their old style manual doors for convenient automatic ones.
Absolutely everybody including healthcare management, consultants, security officers and above all patents and visitors will all benefit from an automatic door situated in various locations throughout the buildings thanks to networked security systems. An automatic door has a rapid opening capability but can still be operated manually should the need arise. In addition to the obvious benefits associated with an automatic door, safety and security measures are improved and of course individuals can react far quicker to an emergency situation. Everyday activities like pushing a bed along corridors, pushing trolleys of hot food and beverages all become far easier with the application of an automatic door. Parents with youngsters to hold onto and the disabled population are not the only people to welcome automatic doors, the elderly, infirmed and everyday shoppers will enjoy the fact that an automatic door opens up for them leaving their hands free.


When individuals reflect back on a recent trip to a theme park or flying off on holiday they want to remember convenience. People feel at ease when they approach an automatic door especially when they are in a hurry or because the weather is dreadful or the flight is waiting! This may well be the case when people are carrying armfuls of shopping too. No matter whether you are expecting a large or small number of visitors you should not keep them waiting, there is nothing more frustrating than waiting about unnecessarily.


As soon as your business has an automatic door installed you will notice a decrease in energy costs. The reason for this is simple, an automatic door cannot be left open, or indeed propped open therefore precious heat cannot escape outside, this is particularly useful in the health care industry where a warm and constant heat needs to be maintained. Keeping the heat in and the cold out will impact quite substantionaly on operational costs.


Architects, Designers, and clients will appreciate automatic doors because they can be controlled from a central point. This is perfect as an automatic door will assist in managing traffic flow in and around the building, even at key times of the day when pedestrian traffic is at an all time high as the doors automatically adapt to traffic frequencies.
Automatic doors have erased the difficulties people had about entering a shop and now through improved access every population group can enter premises with ease and comfort.
ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd supply and install entrance solutions for shopping centres, busy arcades petrol stations, show rooms, and the little corner shop in the village. Contactable via our customer friendly website or by telephoning 01275 871787 all your queries and questions will be answered along with valuable advice and recommendations for the perfect entrance solution.