Automatic Doors – Why Hospitals Need them?

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Automatic doors bring with them a whole host of benefits for businesses and service providers regardless of whether they are for a commercialised business or a community building. They can significantly reduce energy costs but more importantly they provide straightforward and easy access for the disabled and elderly population groups. More and more hospitals and medical centres are now replacing all their old manual doors with automated systems and with very good reason. Installing automatic doors is an excellent way of providing great patient and visitor care.

Automatic Doors

By using automatic doors in medical centres and hospitals, the very best access/exit will be provided. Hospitals are extremely busy with pedestrian traffic at an all time high, automatic doors manage the flow of traffic in and around the hospital premises even at peak times of the day including visiting hours. By installing an automatic door system all population groups can access the hospital without the need of assistance from employees.

Of course many individuals visiting the hospital either as out-patients, visiting family or friends will be elderly or using mobility aides, some will be on crutches or have other injuries that would prevent them being able to open up an old, heavy, manual door. The advantages for hospital porters transporting beds and patients in wheelchairs are enormous and their daily activities are made a whole lot easier as the doors open up automatically for them. For the caring and nursing teams the rewards are huge as they tirelessly push medical and beverage trolleys around without having to stop and open up the doors.

It is crucial that all medical centres and hospitals are DDA compliant (Disability Discrimination Act) which demands that all population groups can gain easy and straight forward access to any business or service provider. A growing number of recently designed medical centres now have automatic door systems in their specifications to offer the highest possible service to the injured, ailing, impaired and aged people that they consult them on a regular basis.

A vast amount of doctors surgeries are governed by the NHS which is taxpayer financed, therefore, there is always a strong focus on unearthing ways to enhance the efficiency of medical centres and hospitals and installing automatic doors will almost certainly be one of them. One of the greatest benefits that the automatic doors deliver is the significant reduction in energy bills. As the automatic doors only open up as an individual approaches them precious heat is retained within the hospital/medical centres buildings. The doors cannot be left open by forgetful or lazy people and neither can they be propped open allowing the warmth to escape outside.

This is particularly accurate and much more relevant throughout the winter months as doctor’s surgeries have the tendency to be considerably busier with an increase of prone individuals becoming more vulnerable to health issues. Of course, irrespective of the energy savings, maintaining the correct temperature inside hospitals and medical centres is crucial.

It is rare these days to witness manual doors in hospitals, and week on week doctor’s surgeries across the country are now replacing their old traditional doors with an automated entrance system. As the automatic doors assist in reducing the operational costs of the surgery, it allows more monies to be allocated on important facets of the surgery to help provide the very best health service to patients.

These days, the safety and security of the patients, visitors and the medical teams is paramount and by installing an automated entrance system you are adding another layer of security to the building. Where internal automatic doors are installed, access control comes into its own with only authorised individuals being able to access certain areas. This can be obtained by the means of key fobs, card readers, badges or intercom.

The beauty of sliding automatic doors which are generally used in hospitals and medical centres is that they are manufactured from toughened glass which decreases the risk of accidents and injuries but allows patients and hospital staff to clearly see any unpleasant outside or inside activity and be able to react far quicker.

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