Automatic Doors – A Helping Hand For Your Business


All businesses using automatic doors deliver fantastic customer service as they provide easy access for all population groups. Straight forward access for everyone wishing to enter your business regardless of whether you are a retailer or a service provider or any other business is the key to generating a higher rate of foot fall into your business. Just by using simple improvements such as an automatic door, it is possible to make a considerable difference to the way individuals view your business. Of course the outside of your premises is the first thing that the general public will notice about your company or business so it is therefore imperative that the external appearance of your property is modern and above all clean.
Automatic Doors
Throughout the United Kingdom it is common practice that the DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) is applied in relation to all eating establishments and retail stores. Nonetheless it makes good business sense regardless of which industry you are involved in to incorporate simple and easy access for everyone. This may be delivered by means of easy access for impaired individuals by using ramps, and automatic doors. Businesses should of course aim to attract and offer the ability to access to everyone. It is not only the disabled population group who are going to appreciate the advantages of automatic doors, people carrying their groceries, senior citizens and young families with little children in push chairs will all too often find an old heavy manual door quite challenging.


Queuing and congestion in the entrances and exits is so frustrating and can really put potential clients off, this situation is of course exasperated if your business has a high volume of pedestrian traffic. Automatic doors manage the flow of traffic even at peak times of the day. This can be particularly useful for service providers and other very busy places including airports hotels and theme parks. Customer and employees safety is a huge concern these days and emphasis on employers to protect them has never been so high. The beauty of an automatic door is that it assists with both safety and security of the property. Unbeknown to the general public there is a slight delay before the door closes; criminals however are more than aware of this pause in the operation of the door so may well be deterred from attempting a theft or some other unpleasant activity. In addition to this people can react far quicker to a crisis situation as they can see clearly out of the door due to it being manufactured from toughened glass and aluminium or just glass where a frameless glass door has been installed.


All businesses try their upmost to keep operating costs to a minimum and because automatic doors are far more cost effective they will have a positive impact on influence your company’s revenue. As the doors only open up when an individual approaches and closes directly after they have passed through there is no possibility of the doors being inadvertently left open allowing heat to escape out into the street which will cause you an unwelcome increase in running costs. If your business is currently using manual doors, your company will be plagued by sound, airborne dirt and dust pollution. An automatic door will of course eliminate this issue and give you the ability to decrease your carbon footprint on the natural environment. An automatic door is either frameless or with an aluminium frame and both these materials are easy to keep clean so no additional cost is required for daily cleaning and maintenance they can easily be wiped over within minutes ensuring  the external of your property remains clean and bright.
Another alternative for business owners wishing to reduce their overheads is automatic door closers which are inexpensive and of course cost effective. ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd (Automatic Entrance Specialists) supply and fit the ERREKA range of automatic door operators which are designed with quality in mind. The most popular of our products are the ERREKA 120 used for pedestrian swing doors and the ERREKA 250 that is the perfect solution for heavy pedestrian flow.


ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd pride themselves on their expertise in the automatic entrance industry, covering the United Kingdom, all our high quality products are supplied directly to all our customers  or fitted by skilled and experienced engineers who are all BS 7036 certified by the ADSA.