Automatic Doors Helping The Disabled And The Elderly


Automatic Doors – In the past individuals using wheelchairs were confronted with difficulties when entering different buildings across Great Britain. Nowadays however, the majority of countries are obligated to set laws and regulations for how businesses perform with regard to disabled people. These regulations are generally relating to the access point in the building or organization and in Great Britain the DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) applies, although this is now known as the Equalities Act.
Automatic Doors
Nevertheless, one of the most widespread difficulties for a disabled or elderly person is opening doors independently. They will often be forced to depend upon the assistance of others to do so and this will dramatically reduce their independence.
To meet the requirements of this population group an easy and straight forward access solution would be to installautomatic doors for a comparatively affordable price. Daily footfall will be automatically increased as the disabled and the elderly can access the business premises with comfort and ease. Automatic doors are certainly very useful for any parents who use a push chair at the same time as entering a business premises. In supermarkets customers carrying several bags of groceries or other household items are not able to open the doors unless they drop at least one purchase. For very many people today, automatic doors symbolize an enormous improvement to their shopping experience.


There are two different types of automatic doors distinguished by the way they open. There are automatic sliding doors and automatic swinging doors. Sliding automatic doors are best suited when it comes to businesses that experience a high volume of pedestrian traffic on a daily basis. These premises include supermarkets, hospitals, airports universities and hotels. Automatic swinging doors are a far better option for businesses and establishments that experience significantly less footfall, business that will be advantaged by swinging doors include smaller high street shops and offices.


Almost all doors can be automated and by using automatic door operators many businesses view this as a cheaper option with all the benefits of automatic doors. ADSF UK LTD supplies the Premis range of automatic door openers and these quality products are available on a supply only basis or supply and install. The Premis 250 kg is perfect for door weights up to 250kg and is ideal for premises that experience heavy pedestrian traffic. The Premis 120 is best suited for properties with less daily traffic and recommended for door weights up to 120kg.If you would like to view the vast range of products that ADSF UK LTD supply simply click onto our user friendly web site where you can download brochures, view the images and read our blogs and case studies to gain a far better understanding of the their functionality and features. The Premis range of automatic door operators including the ever popular Premis Euro-Slide which can be purchased on line for next day delivery if required or alternatively our skilled technicians can install the products at your business premises leaving you with complete peace of mind that they have been fitted correctly and above all safely. ADSF UK LTD provide you with all of the services called for in order to keep the door performing to the highest standards for a long while and it is refreshing to know that we supply spare parts, if and when required.


The ideal automatic door is silent during the opening and closing functions whilst in addition having the ability to be disabled and permit individuals to open the door with their hands when required. The preferred automatic doors in the United Kingdom fulfil both of these requirements. By choosing to install automatic doors at your business premises you are safeguarding both your employees and of course your customers and the business. As the automatic doors are manufactured from toughened glass and aluminium customers and employees can clearly see any untoward outside activity and likewise potential criminals can see directly inside the property which may deter them from attempting any unpleasant activity for fear of being recognised.


These days there is a growing popularity for frameless glass automatic doors and shop fronts and due to this ADSF UK LTD have recently expanded their frameless glass division. Frameless glass automatic doors and shop fronts can be seen in a whole host of businesses across the United Kingdom including hotels, restaurants, offices, health clubs, high street stores and even fast food outlets. Quite apart from delivering a splendid visual they represent a professional and forward thinking business.
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