For decades, mankind has been stalwart in its efforts to eradicate racial discrimination. Now that this is all behind us there is no need to discriminate against individuals of different abilities. The DDA (Disability Discrimination Act was introduced in 1995  to ensure that no one is discriminated against and included in this is straight forward access especially in public buildings and areas. With the introduction of automatic doors solutions over the past 40 years it is quite possible to integrate every commercial building these days. Through the installation of automatic doors there is no need for separate entrances for physically disabled clients this creates a more convenient, safe and friendly environment for everyone.

There are different types of automatic doors available in the market these days. All of these products are designed to provide the best and most convenient access into hotels, airports and offices receptions. Automatic doors are now common place in schools, hospitals, medical centres and of course supermarkets. The doors are designed to manage pedestrian flow even at key times of the day so overcrowding in the entrance ways becomes a thing of the past.  Among the most commonly used in commercial buildings are:
Automatic Doors


As its name implies, automatic sliding entrance doors are the type of doors that can be opened in a sliding manner. There is no need to use manual force on them as their components make their operation automatic, therefore individuals with minimal arm strength including the elderly and children as well as those with physical disabilities can easily gain entry.


The old manual swing doors need to be pushed open and in many cases the doors are very heavy which proves to be a real struggle for the disabled and senior citizens population groups. With the automatic swing doors there is no need to manually open the doors because the integrated mechanisms allow the doors to swing open automatically.
Whatever automatic entrance door is required fulfil your business needs you will find there is a perfect product available. ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd have years of experience in the automatic door and entrance solution industry with a proven track record of bespoke entrance systems throughout the United Kingdom.


Apart from the obvious access rewards businesses across the country will be delighted with their new doors for a great many other reasons. They will once installed save you money! Yes save you money! As the doors only open up when an individual approaches them and close directly behind them there is no chance of them being left open. This has obvious advantages; expensive heat will not be able to escape outside into the street bumping up your energy bills. Doors cannot be left ajar or even propped open by employees which on occasions is known to happen, either to assist in deliveries or perhaps to let a cool breeze inside, when this happens air conditioning units have to work increasingly harder to maintain a constant heat within the premises. Automatic doors are manufactured from aluminium and toughened glass so they are really easy to keep clean with no additional costs incurred.


The exterior of any business premises really has to look both modern and up to date. There is nothing more off putting then dreary old tired looking premises and most people will not want to enter a building that looks out dated as it will not instil confidence in clients or individuals passing by. Automatic doors do not merely look the part they will transform any property into a modern stylish company premises that you will be proud of. The doors are very welcoming and you will find that daily footfall increases as a direct result of installing automatic doors. The features of the doors entice potential customers inside and have a positive impact on sales and profit.
ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd are specialists in the  supply and fit of automatic doors entrance solutions and are able to assist you from the early stages of design and style. Once you have decided which type of door you would like, the manufacturing process can begin. ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd employs skilled fabricators who will produce your new door using great care and attention to detail. Once complete the automatic doors are ready for installation at your property. Qualified engineers carry out the installation and guarantee a first class service both during and after. There are service contracts available which include twice yearly visits to ensure that all the parts are working correctly and above all are safe.