Automatic Doors – Everyone’s Going Frameless!

Frameless Glass Automatic DoorsAutomatic doors have been around for many years now and seeing them in practice in a variety of businesses is a common occurrence. The old traditional, timber, manually operated doors; although lovely to look at if regularly maintained is a thing of the past and with very good reason. Manually operated doors can not only be unsightly if left unattended but are too heavy and cumbersome for many people to open up without causing injuries. These doors can in addition be quite daunting in the unsure times we live in where security and safety are paramount.
Automatic doors create a stylish and modern entranceway that delivers fantastic customer service to all the users. The first impression that a potential customer will get of your business is the one that will remain with them so it is vital that you are able to engage them and entice them inside in the very first instance. Automatic doors will assist in increasing daily footfall as well as managing access issues which will again increase sales and turnover. There are of course countless other benefits to both the business owners and the customers by having automatic doors installed at the premises.
The door is the only way in to a building and therefore it should be the focus point of your business. Automatic doors are available in several different styles and designs and dependent on the needs of your individual business an automated door system can be tailor made for you. ADSF are a fully accredited automatic door company supplying automatic doors throughout the United Kingdom and are leaders in the automatic door industry and can help you decide which automatic door is going to be the most suitable. With over 12 years experience in this field ADSF UK LTD have professionally and above all safely installed automatic doors in businesses all over the country and that is why our customers come back to us time and time again.
The favourite types of automatic doors used by businesses over the years are either automatic swing doors, or automatic sliding doors, however, these days; frameless glass automatic doors are taking the market by storm.

Automatic Swing Doors:

ADSF UK LTD supply and install Premis Automatic Swing Doors which have numerous applications, particularly as private or public access points for disabled persons or premises with heavy traffic and limited space. Premis Automatic Swing Door Openers have a wide range of functions that allow them to be adapted to suit any type of requirement, including fully automatic, push and go, push pads and access control. They are equipped with features such as a wheelchair courtesy function or an automatic opening and closing power increase (in case of high winds). It also includes the possibility of increasing the opening times.

Automatic Sliding Doors:

ADSF UK LTD in addition supply and install Premis Euroslide Commercial Sliding Doors, theses are perfect for heavy traffic, both in large (supermarkets, hotels, airports, hospitals) and in small and medium buildings (offices, chemists, post offices, banks, restaurants) The most important features of our sliding door systems are their silent movement when opening and closing, plus dynamic stability with quick and easy installation.

Frameless Glass Automatic Doors & Shop Fronts:

ADSF UK LTD supply and install frameless glass shop fronts that are designed and manufactured from 12mm toughened polished edge glass without obstruction of a frame, therefore creating a modern, high end feel to your shop front. Typical frameless glass shop fronts include either a single door or pair of doors which will help to allow additional light in to your shop front allowing your customers to break down the barrier between the inside and the outside of your shop. If you are looking for exterior or interior frameless glass doors, ADSF UK LTD has an option for you.
Our toughened frameless glass shop fronts do not require an aluminium frame and therefore their popularity is increasing amongst shops, offices, hotels, schools, hospitals, surgeries and commercial outlets. Toughened frameless glass is the most stylish and modern looking shop front and automatic door entrance solution in the market place.
Frameless glass shop fronts create a fantastic opportunity for you to showcase your products and services and are an ideal solution for window displays; visually they look modern and contemporary, they will attract window-shoppers, and entice potential customers inside your shop. It is the most effective way to catch the passing trade and increase your business growth.
With the ever growing popularity of frameless glass doors ADSF UK LTD has recently expanded their frameless glass division.