Automatic Doors – One Door Opens … One Door Closes!

Automatic DoorsWHERE CAN THEY BE INSTALLED?   Automatic doors are a fantastic concept, they quite simply open and close automatically without the need of individuals having to stop and lift a handle or turn a knob. Automatic doors have been around for many years in supermarkets, hospitals, swanky hotels and in classy fashionable shopping malls but as times change so do the building structures. Automatic doors are now present in very many business premises and establishments across the country including medical centres, schools, restaurants, office complexes, health clubs, airports and high street stores.

THE BENEFITS:  There are enormous benefits for businesses that use automatic doors and not just for the customers but in addition for the business owners. The most favourable aspects of automatic doors are that they transform the appearance of the exterior of virtually any property. Automatic doors provide easy access and ensure your premises are DDA compliant. Utility bills are decreased, Carbon footprint is reduced. Safety and security at the premises is increased along with footfall and sales growth.

WHAT ARE THEY MADE FROM?  Automatic doors are manufactured from aluminium and toughened glass which makes them the perfect entrance solution for most businesses today. Aluminium is extremely strong but lightweight and is a flexible and durable material. It can be bended and moulded into almost any shape including arcs and for that reason it is a very popular choice. Aluminium is easy to clean and is resilient to rust which is ideal for properties in the United Kingdom where we experience so much rain! The toughened glass does not only add another layer of safety and security to the building but is also of smart appearance and again easy to keep clean.

FRAMELESS GLASS AUTOMATIC DOORS:  Frameless glass doors are sweeping the market place and with very good reason. Frameless glass provides the business owners or service providers with a swish and contemporary look for their business. The frameless glass automatic doors are a state of the art product that ooze professionalism and charm but in addition offer yet further advantages. As the frameless glass doors are not obstructed by frames of any kind, customers and employees have a clear view as to any untoward outside activity which means that dangerous situations can be avoided and emergency situations can be reacted to far more quickly. By the same token, potential customers can clearly see inside the business premises and can alert the appropriate people of any unpleasant or suspicious activity.

The toughened glass used for these automatic doors allows the business owners more space to show case their products and services and also promote their business even when the business is closed. The glass is allergen free so is perfect for any business using food stuffs as it eliminates the spread of bacteria. Again this is a great concept for the many individuals that are concerned with germs these days as they do not need to touch the automatic doors at any time.

SWINGING AUTOMATIC DOORS:  Automatic swing doors are ideal for smaller businesses including high street stores where the pedestrian traffic is not constant throughout the day. They are common in post offices, doctor’s surgeries, cafes and offices; they full comply with DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) and provide easy and straight forward access for everyone.

SLIDING AUTOMATIC DOORS:  Sliding automatic doors are most often seen in larger premises with heavy, daily pedestrian traffic; they are perfect for airports, hotels and railway/coach stations where individuals are transporting several bags of luggage. They are a blessing in supermarkets for parents pushing food trolleys and youngsters in push chairs while providing straight forward access for busy office complexes who will have a large number of employees starting work at the same time. Automatic sliding doors are fantastic for buildings that have limited space and allow wheelchair and mobility scooter users the opportunity to manoeuvre through the entranceway/exits safely. These automatic doors comply to DDA legislations and provide comfortable access for all population groups.

WHY ARE THEY BETTER THAN MANUALLY OPERATED DOORS?  Automatic doors are far safer than the old style traditional doors. The manual doors are quite often heavy and cumbersome and they of course inhibit access for the disabled and the elderly and anyone else carrying personnel items, shopping, or trying to push somebody through them. It has been known for manual doors to cause accidents and injuries to people by trapping fingers or even slamming shut on them.

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