Automatic Doors Case Study: Deans Building Merchants – South Wales

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Automatic Doors Situation:

Fairly recently, a well established builders merchants in Newport contacted ADSF UK LTD to request assistance in locating an automatic doors solution for their existing business. The building merchants are located on a very busy site and are popular with all the local tradesman and businesses alike. The building merchants serves an immense number of clients each and every year. These customers often enlist the services of the builders merchants for numerous large bulk items. The builders merchants structure requires an environment that must be easily accessible to its customers so they are able to move their larger items in and out with ease. Improved access is necessary to prevent overcrowding in the entries and exits of the building premises. The company also wanted to add access control into the automatic door solution to increase site security within the building complex.
Automatic Doors

Automatic Door Solution:

To best meet the requirements of the client in totality, ADSF UK LTD managed to effectively supply and install Premis Euroslide automatic doors to deliver much improved access and exit.
ADSF UK LTD utilised the Premis Euroslide to provide the builders merchant and timber supplies centre with a large entranceway with access control. Manufactured from aluminium, the installation of these automatic doors is light yet durable making them an ideal solution for the builder’s merchant’s crucial requirements. Aluminium is very strong and is rust resilient which is perfect for building structures within the United Kingdom where we experience severe rain and heavy winds.
Our skilled fabricators manufactured the automatic door system following the precise specifications of the builders merchants centre’s structure, the automatic sliding doors were effective in standing up to the heavy daily pedestrian traffic and provided enough space for customers with large bulky items to manoeuvre through the automatic doors with ease and without banging into the doors if their vision was slightly obstructed.

Builders Merchants Outcome:

With the effective and innovative new automatic door system, the client received the comforting assurance of an effective, efficient and above all safe entrance and exit that was large enough to accommodate even the bulkiest items. These automatic doors offered a durable and cost effective solution which was ideally suited to the needs of the builders merchants daily business requirements. Along with the ease of access for customers and their newly purchased goods, the automatic doors successfully provide the builders merchants with another tier of security which enabled them to control access to the various areas of the building. With much larger doors the clients customers were able to move items more quickly and not have to waste precious time waiting for other customers to come in and out of the doorways as customers could use the door at the same time.

Automatic Door System: Additional Benefits

The freshly installed automatic doors at Deans Builders and Timber Merchants provided the premises with a user friendly system where people carrying heavy large items did not have to stop and open up the doors manually as they did in the past. Customers were able to purchase and transport their merchandise out to their trucks and cars quickly and easily with minimum fuss.
The new automatic door system greatly improved customer feelings towards the builders merchants and customer service levels were greatly improved. Our solution has been so popular at the builders merchants that we have now been asked to create bespoke automatic door solutions for a number of other similar properties in the nearby area.
If you would like any information regarding automatic doors for your business then contact ADSF UK LTD on 01275 871787 and our sales and design teams will be happy to discuss your requirements further. When you are happy with the design that ADSF UK LTD has created for you, a full site survey will follow. A project manager will be appointed and will be your main point of contact for the project in its entirety.
After the approval of drawings, the manufacturing stage will follow and ADSF UK LTD skilled fabricators will carefully and accurately process your products.
The installation will then be carried out by fully trained and certified door technicians who will carry out the works with the minimum of disruption to your business. Automatic doors have been installed in many business premises across Britain including shops, supermarkets, offices, hotels, restaurants and health clubs to name but a few and ADSF UK LTD are proud of the high quality goods and service they provide.