There are so many benefits for your business and most importantly your clients from using automatic doors that from your initial outlay of the budget friendly doors you will never regret your investment. In business it is essential to change with the times and the first thing to think about it is your current business premises. If the exterior of your property is in need of some improvement the easiest and most beneficial thing to do is to replace the old heavy and perhaps tired looking doors. Appearance is everything and if your premises look modern and sophisticated customers will feel confident that they are doing business with a professional company.


Any business that is open to the general public should certainly be aware of access issues especially since the introduction of the DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) This act is now common place throughout the United Kingdom and it is administered in relation to shops and any eating establishment., however, irrespective of whether you own a hotel, restaurant, retail store or any other business which is customer facing, it is fundamental to your business to make certain that accessibility is straightforward. By using straightforward enhancements including automatic doors, it is possible to make a substantial difference as to how your business is perceived. This legislation is delivered by providing comfortable access to disabled people via the usage of ramps, elevators and automatic doors. It does however make sound business sense irrespective of your specific areas of legislation relating to the Disability Discrimination Act to provide convenient and easy access for everyone.
These days there are many more individuals using mobility scooters and mobility aides, this means the elderly and disabled population groups can venture out where as previously they had not been able to do so. Of course it is not just these two groups of people who will benefit from automatic doors. Parents with children in pushchairs and everyday shoppers pushing food trolleys will often struggle to open doors. In fact the old style manual doors even make it difficult for able bodied people and children due to the sheer weight of them. Another great advantage of automatic doors in office buildings is that disabled employees are not hindered by access issues and of course business people can move through the doors freely whilst carrying their lap tops and belongings.
Automatic Doors


There is nothing worse than having to queue to get inside a store and congestion in the doorways is tiresome and frustrating for visitors to your premises, therefore if you are a business that experiences a high footfall you will reap the rewards of automatic doors. In a way they provide door management but without having to employ someone to do it!
All businesses constantly battle with budget constraints and any unnecessary expenditure needs to be investigated. It is refreshing to know that automatic doors are cost effective which will considerably impact on your company’s profit. If your business currently uses the old manual doors you may notice that they are often left open by clients and employees alike, this allows expensive heat to escape outside and heat up the street! Again issues with manual doors are noise and dust pollution, automatic doors of course eradicate these concerns whilst also enabling you to reduce your carbon footprint on the environment.
Manual doors can be automated by the application of automatic door closers which are both economical and energy efficient. There are of course long term energy reductions for business using automatic door closers. ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd uses the ERREKA range of automatic door closers which are perfect for both swing and slide door applications. All the products and services that ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd provides are easily viewed on our ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd web site along with a comprehensive catalogue of all our accessories.
Automatic doors are both welcoming and inviting and therefore passing trade is increased. In this fierce market place today automatic doors will give you the edge over your competitors, not only will your business premises look sleek and modern but will in addition assist in increasing sales. If you decide to replace your old heavy doors with new automatic doors then as early as the planning stages it is advisable to seek guidance and advice from a company who specializes in this field. Experts will assist you through every step of the process, leaving you free to enjoy the many advantages of your automatic doors for many years to come