Which Automatic Door Is Right For Your Business ?

Automatic Door!

You will find tremendous benefits of installing an automatic door at your business premises. The first and one of the most important is the exterior of your property. Gone is your tired looking door! Gone is your heavy cumbersome door! And gone are all the problems associated with manual doors. In the first instance you will see how different, contemporary and classy your property appears. The outside of any premises is what any potential client or customer sees first so it makes obvious sense to ensure it creates a great first impression. Nobody feels comfortable and confident of service if the exterior of any building is tired and out of date.  Individuals may well choose the services of another business, or shop with a competitor with whom they feel more confident of a good honest service.


The advantage of an automatic door is that it is welcoming and can be of assistance in many ways. Automatic doors are designed to deliver easy access for everybody. Airports, hotels, boutiques within shopping malls and offices have been enjoying the benefits of automatic doors for many years now.
Of course all population groups prefer the comfort and straight forward access that an automatic door provides. The disabled, the elderly, and of course everyday shoppers with numerous bags to carry will all be in favour of an automatic door system. A shopping experience or a visit to the doctors with young children and prams in tow is always going to be fractious and the thought of wrestling with an old manual door brings additional concerns.
Automatic Doors


Whether or not you choose to install sliding doors or swing doors is of course individual preference, however, it is sensible to discuss your requirements with a professional company who can offer advice and support  as to which kind of automatic door will be best suited to cater for your business needs. ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd has a wealth of experience in this field and specialise in the automatic door industry.  Dependant on the volumes of pedestrian traffic flow into your business, doors both sliding and swing doors can be selected.


You will generally see a sliding automatic door in airports hotels hospitals and of course large supermarkets. Smaller premises including banks, offices, surgeries, post offices and corner shops will find that an automatic swing door is adequate. Whether or not the users elect for swing or sliding doors is completely based upon the necessities of the client, nevertheless, available space or room will likely have an influence in regards to options. In these circumstances a sliding automatic door will normally be the ideal way to go, delivering an external excellent and attractive looking system. An automatic door operates on sensors and they react by “sensing” the individual as they approach. The features of an automatic door allow able bodied people the option to use the door in a manual mode if they should wish to do so. The ERREKA Ertain Automatic Door range offers a comprehensive range of accessories and these quality products include push pads card swipes and key fobs.


 By installing an automatic door you will be somewhat delighted with the cost savings that your business will appreciate. As an automatic door will only open when an individual is close by and automatically closes afterwards no heat can break free from the building which will reduce your operational costs. Furthermore, automatic doors are easy to clean which yet again indicates to clients that your business is professional and modern. No extra man power is needed to manage the entrance to your business as an automatic door reduces overcrowding and congestion in the doorways. ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd offer a twice yearly service visit to ensure that all the parts and equipment are working properly and that your automatic door continues to be safe and reliable for many years to come.
The installation of your automatic door will of course be carried out by fully trained and highly qualified engineers who are employed by ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd and who are all are fully certified and meet all the safety criteria ensuring all our customers of a sleek and safe installation. All of the services and products that ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd provide can be found on our user friendly web site www.erreka.uk.com Please telephone us on 01275 871787 for any further information you may require.