ADSF UK LTD – Supplying The Very Best In Automatic Doors Equipment

Automatic DoorsADSF UK LTD is well known within the automatic door and shop front industry and has successfully installed automatic doors and shop fronts to the very highest standard into a variety of business premises across Great Britain. Our Installation service is second to none but did you know that ADSF UK LTD offer all our quality and competitively priced product on a SUPPLY ONLY basis.
ADSF UK LTD supplies the Premis range of automatic doors and associated automatic door equipment.

Automatic Sliding Doors

The Next Generation Premis Euroslide Automatic Sliding Door Openers are prepared for heavy pedestrian traffic, both in large (supermarkets, hotels, airports, hospitals and leisure centres) and in small and medium buildings (offices, chemists, post offices, banks and restaurants) The most important features of our sliding door systems are their silent movement when opening and closing, plus dynamic stability with quick and easy installation.

Automatic Swing Doors:

The New Next Generation Premis Automatic Swing Door Openers are electro-mechanical for pedestrian automatic doors. They are designed for silent movement and durability, and can be used to automate existing swing doors, or new installations. They may be used for both interior and exterior (double or single door) applications, and can be mounted on either side with push or pull arm, making them ideal for integration into any environment.

Premis DDA Automatic Door Toilet System:

The Premis DDA Automatic Door Toilet System is a visionary new product that opens and closes the bathroom door to your toilet by touch or by sensors. This aesthetically pleasing feature does not use much energy once installed and is simple to use.
The Premis DDA Automatic Door Toilet System is now available for residential and commercial use. Adding this feature will allow users to enter and exit the toilet without even having to touch the door. Many people do not like the thought of coming in contact with so many potential germs from multiple uses by family members, co-workers or strangers. This product will leave you feeling safer just by reducing potential health threats when engaged. When the door is fully closed, there is a touch to lock feature available. This is used to ensure privacy and any unwanted accidental entry from other people on the outside of the door. A red indicator through LEDs on the outside of the door will light up to let other people know the facility is occupied. There is also another indicator for the user on the inside of the door to let you know this feature is engaged. When leaving the toilet, the LED will turn blue once activated. This tells the door to open and allows you to leave.
For supply only customers we provide training for all our products. These sessions are free-of-charge for our customers and are provided at our bespoke factory unit in Bristol. ADSF UK LTD is located just 5 minutes away from the M5 junction 20. We have many products readily available for live demonstration. The workshops will benefit our customers and ultimately yours by the attendees being taught the correct installation, wiring, and application requirements.
All of the products and services that ADSF UK LTD supply can easily be seen on our ADSF UK LTD web site and should you need any further assistance our sales and customer service team will happily answer your queries on 01275 871787.
If you think that automatic doors or automatic door operators may be of benefit to your business then please discuss your requirements with our sales and design teams who will be able to both recommend and create the perfect automatic entrance solution for your individual business needs.
Automatic doors are so popular theses days and can be seen in properties throughout the United Kingdom including hotels, shops, offices, coach stations, restaurants, schools, health clubs and spas to name but a few.
Automatic Doors bring with them enormous benefits for business owners and of course customers. The main advantages of automatic doors is that they are not only aesthetically pleasing they deliver fantastic customer service by providing easy and straight forward access for everybody who wishes to enter the premises. Another benefit for business owners is that automatic doors assist in the reduction of energy bills. The automatic doors cannot be inadvertently left open or indeed propped open for whatever reason as they open up upon an individual drawing near and close directly afterwards, this retains the heat within the building and keeps the temperature at a constant and comfortable temperature.